SKATING on the EDGE is a skating development program which covers the techniques for maximizing speed on the ice while maintaining control at all times. It encompasses every aspect of skating necessary to develop into a more effective and valuable hockey/ringuette player, pleasure skater or anyone wanting to improve their skating.


Unfortunately skating remains the most neglected skill for a hockey or ringette player. This is due to the fact that players have so much to think about in a game including stick handling, passing, shooting, body checking and more that they have little time to think about proper skating technique or how to react on skates to unexpected situations or sudden body checks. Skating remains the most fundamentally important skill a hockey or ringette player needs to have. A player’s skating ability must be honed so sharply that their reactions become instinctive and by nature second hand.

Remember, HARD WORK AND PROGRESS ARE INSEPARABLE! The end result of all your efforts will be Skating with BALANCE, AGILITY and MOBILITY