Chowder Cup 2013



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Recognized as one of the top showcase events in North America the Chowder Cup was established in the 
Boston area in 1985. Over the past 27 years the Atlantic Canadians, under the leadership of Alan Power, 
has successfully competed in the boys division. Over the last 6 years the Atlantic Canadians have competed
 in the female division.

The 2013 Angela Ruggerio Women’s Chowder Cup will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 
July 11 - 14. The 9th annual Women’s Chowder Cup in Boston will feature more than 60 teams from the 
North-Eastern United States, Québec and Ontario, as well as our own Atlantic Canadians Hockey Club.
 The past editions of the Atlantic Canadians have competed well against many of the top players in North
 America including Division 1 American University players.