PROACTIF Hockey Prep Camp – Boys 2016

Bantam, Midget and High School categories

Elite camp designed for boys that are trying out for Bantam, Midget A, AA, AAA or high school programs. Specific drills for forwards and for defensemen are included.

15 hours of on ice instruction
$375 (includes taxes and a jersey)
Superior Propane Center, Moncton, NB





Includes power skating sessions with passing, shooting and specific positional play all in one. All drills are design to include individual and team tactics done at a high tempo and intensity to improve the players’ overall conditioning and skill level. Drills are prepared to challenge and develop the focus/concentration part of the game. Included are battle and checking drills


Skating, Shooting, Stickhandling & Passing

Thèmes Description
Skating Quick feet, agility, explosion, with resistance
Passing In motion, through obstacles, one touch, give and go, in traffic, open ice
Shooting One timers, in motion, versus opponents, off rebounds
Stick handling Fakes, deeks, puck protection, open spaces, in traffic , through obstacles



Thèmes Description
Positioning Front net, from the corner and from behind the net, etc.
Protecting the triangle Use of stick, Protecting the triangle (space between stick and skates), etc.
Versus an opponent 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 2 vs 3
Checking Use of stick, in the corner, front net, open spaces, angling etc.
Breakouts 4 different breakouts (Go, Up, Over and Reverse)
Supportingattacks Support after breakout, in the offensive zone, middle attacks, etc.
Puck control Support D to D, Support D to D with tap backs, etc.



Thèmes Description
Versus an opponent 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1, 3 vs 1
Forechecking Use of stick, positioning, angling, open spaces, contain, pressure, du coin
The art of scoring Around the net, rebounds, screening, deflections, with teammate, etc…
Offensives Attacks Triangle attacks, middle attacks, off the cycle, etc.
Stickhandling In the corner, open spaces, versus an opponent, fakes, etc.