Founded in 1995, the Selects program has become one of the most successful in Canada. It is the oldest and the largest organization of its type in Atlantic Canada, a distinct program of the Atlantic Hockey Group (AHG).

The objective of the Selects Program is to offer high performance hockey opportunities to players of advanced skill and abilities. The Selects have a strong commitment to provide quality coaching and instruction to players.


The Atlantic Selects program is committed to providing opportunities for educational scholarship packages and junior hockey recruitment to qualified players. One of the great opportunites for elite players is the availability of scholarships to prep schools in the U.S.

The Selects have established solid relationships with U.S. prep schools and universities, thereby allowing us to effectively promote interested and qualified Select players.

Why Choose the Selects?

The Selects program offers a unique environment which is difficult to obtain elsewhere. The Atlantic Hockey Group’s six full-time staff members and the network of over 400 coaches associated with the AHG provide a very strong structure to assure that the top players in Atlantic Canada will form our Selects teams.

The Program is stable, comprehensive and innovative, thereby ensuring that there will always be a yearly path of progression for players to play for more senior teams.

The cost is comparable to a hockey school, yet the Selects offer a high level training camp and tournament, all with 17 talented players on the ice.