NS-NOVICE-MINOR---gold-medal-Toronto-redOver the last 21 years, our SELECTS teams have participated in the most competitive tournaments in Canada and the U.S.  Over the last several years those events have included the highly regarded King & Queen of the Rings tournament in Toronto, the Jr. Warriors Showcase, The Canada Day Cup in Ottawa and the Summer Storm Tournament in Boston.  The Atlantic Hockey Group is constantly searching and evaluating high level summer tournaments in order to provide our Selects teams with the best option for a great hockey experience.  Final tournament selection will be made after consulting with the individual teams to determine best fit.

Tournaments will be selected based on their high level of competition which creates a recognizable standard against which we can measure ourselves as well as the timing as the AHG encourages high performance players to take some time off from hockey during the summer while using the mid August to September time period to prepare for the upcoming hockey season.

Training Camp

The training camps will take place in Halifax, N.S for our Nova Scotia Selects teams while the training camps for our New Brunswick teams will take place at the Red Ball Internet Centre(Moncton 4-Plex) in Moncton, N.B.  The Atlantic Selects teams will have their training camps in either Moncton, N.B., Halifax, N.S. or Summerside, PEI.

The 3 day training camp will normally take place 1 or 2 weekends prior to the tournament.  Players will receive a minimum of 7.5 hours of on-ice training.  The objective of the training camp will be to develop team systems as well as feature specialized training for forwards, defencemen and goaltenders(goalie instructor for all on-ice training sessions.)JON2