The Atlantic Cup

A terrific hockey experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

June 3rd-5th, 2022

About the Tournament

The Atlantic Cup features Prospects Series teams from New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in a competitive tournament in Halifax, NS held at the end of May/early June. This exclusive event is offered only to Atlantic Hockey Group member teams from Novice to Midget, with male and female divisions. The Atlantic Cup is a signature showcase of our talent within the Prospects Series teams and an excellent experience to end the spring hockey season. Teams are guaranteed a total of five games from Friday to Sunday. Games are structured into two 12-minute and one 15-minute periods, stop-time.


The Atlantic Cup 2022 will feature several divisions of play including for both Male and Female. Male divisions will be U9, U11, U13, U15, and U18. Female divisions will be U9, U11, U13, and U15. Note that most male divisions with exception of U9 and U18 will also be tiered based on skill level.


Only players registered with the AHG Prospect Series are eligible to participate in the Atlantic Cup. All players must receive an invite to the Atlantic Cup tournament. Teams will ice a roster of 15 skaters and two goaltenders. Team space is limited due to ice time restrictions. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The head coach will receive a full scholarship and assistant coach will receive a half-scholarship. Replacement players may only be added if an original player has declined to play. Roster guidelines with regards to competitive and recreational players must be considered when adding replacement players. Jerseys and socks for replacement players will need to be borrowed from the players they are replacing. Full team payment is due to AHG on May 10.


AHG will be responsible for accommodations for the head coach for AHG teams only. We will provide a list of recommended hotels for coaches to select from before the tournament. Teams must stay in a recommended hotel for AHG to cover the accommodations of the head coach. Coaches with Gusto Hockey, Champions Hockey and NL Rock Devils Hockey will need to communicate with the directors of their programs regarding accommodations. AHG will only provide accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights. The schedule will be arranged to allow teams to avoid accommodations on Thursday evening. Teams having to travel the furthest distances will be scheduled for a later start on Friday.



Please note that teams will accepted on a first come first served basis based on available ice time.