Staying at home should not mean that you cannot train and develop your skills!

The Charlie Bourgeois High Performance Training Centre is launching a FREE AT-HOME hockey training that will focus on improving stickhandling, increasing physical and core strength, hockey specific workouts, weekly challenges, exercise and skill demonstration library, private group for discussion and question, and much more!

We understand that this period is a very challenging time for many families. Although losing the spring hockey season has impacted our business significantly - we want to make sure all efforts are being made to support our hockey families through this period. This training program would normally cost $360.00 however will be made FREE to our loyal and extremely supportive hockey families. We encourage all of our players to take advantage of this great opportunity!

The only items that you will need are a stick, 2 pucks, stick handling ball and your work effort!To register for the program please click here to fill out the form.

Program Instructor

Sheldon Drover, Lead Instructor

Director of Training, CBHPT Centre

  • Two decades of training experience
  • Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics
  • Certified through Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists.
  • Current and former clients include high-level hockey and soccer players.
  • Former director of MVP Fitness Facility
Director, Charlie Bourgeois High Performance Training


We have very much enjoyed being part of the trial program. A lot of the kids were going Into spring hockey but because Parker only played for his first time this season he wasn't chosen for spring so this keeps him hockey focused and involved. He just wants to be better and he's taking such a love for the sport. We are very much appreciating the program! AMANDA RICHARD

With our hockey season coming to such an abrupt end this season, we were very happy that Sheldon Drover from the Charlie Bourgeois High Performance hockey program reached out with this wonderful at home hockey program. My son misses hockey tremendously and having this as an option is so great. Not only can he keep up with his stickhandling skills, it also helps with his stamina and flexibility. The drills are easy to follow and with the timed challenges it keeps him motivated. All around a great program that we were happy to be a part of! Thanks again! TERRIE-LYNN BERNATCHEZ

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If you have any questions you can email Sheldon here: [email protected]