2023 Fundraising Program

About the Program

In order to help families offset the associated cost of our programs, the Atlantic Hockey Group has established a fundraising program. This page will detail information on this program that you can use to take advantage of this program. Please be aware that this program is optional.

Jersey Sponsorship

The program works by allowing parents and players to approach businesses for support. In exchange for financial sponsorship - companies will have advertising placed on the back of a player's jersey. Funds raised through the sponsorship program are to be submitted, along with the relevant forms, to the Atlantic Hockey Group. The Atlantic Hockey Group will be responsible for the application of the funds, less administrative fees, to the participant. NOTE: A maximum of 2 lines are allowed on back of the jersey, with a maximum of 14 spaces per line. Participants are allowed 2 sponsors on the jersey (1 line each).

How it Works

You can download a letter below to help recruit sponsors. Below on this page are a few different options to complete the process once sponsors are recruited. The most common option involves parents or sponsors filling out this form. With this form parents or sponsors will fill out required information with sponsors sending an offline payment separately (mailed cheque, etransfer, credit card over the phone). A secondary method involves having sponsors paying directly online with this form. In this case sponsors will be required to input all the relevant player information including team name, division, etc. This online payment method is most common for families who work within or own businesses that will sponsoring. Official receipts or invoices from the Atlantic Hockey Group with business number will be mailed to families that can be provided to sponsoring companies. For those companies sending cheques please have payable to "Atlantic Hockey Group". Cheques can be mailed to Atlantic Hockey Group, 28 Rooney Crescent, Moncton, N.B. E1E 4M3.  If sending etransfer they can be sent to accounting@atlantichockeygroup.com IMPORTANT: Please advise sponsors to include your players name if they are mailing cheque or sending etransfer to avoid any confusion.


If you have any questions or require a paper form please contact vivian@atlantichockeygroup.com.