Safety Guidelines for Moncton Summer Programs

PLEASE NOTE: The guidelines below are accurate as of July 14th. Camp policies are subject to change if government restrictions are eased over the next several weeks and/or months. 

With all that is occurring with Covid-19 it is very important to our entire Atlantic Hockey Group team that we set out clear guidelines to assist our parents in preparing for our summer programs and to ensure the safety of all participants. Below we hope we provide clear direction on how summer camps will operate and what you can expect. We would ask that all parents/guardians please read this entire page. We want to thank the Superior Propane Centre team in Moncton for their assistance in working together to come up with a detailed plan!

Pre-Registration and Monday Registration

This year we will be offering our parents the opportunity to pre-register for camps. Because we will only be able to setup registration on Monday morning outside the Superior Propane Centre - we are providing families with the ability to get their jerseys and grouping info at our office during office hours from 9AM - 4PM. This will also make things easier in case the forecast calls for rainy or inclement weather. Pre-registration will be available starting on the Wednesday in the week before the camp. Please stay tuned as these details will also be emailed to all students/families. Our office is located at 28 Rooney Crescent in Moncton. For those registering on Monday morning we would ask families to arrive 30 minutes before their first scheduled ice session. AHG staff will be setup outside the entrance to the Superior Propane Centre.

Camp Screening (Updated July 14th)

Parents must fill out the Acknowledgement of Screening Responsibility form here ( and bring it to either pre-registration or give to AHG staff on Monday morning. Each day players will be able to come into the building without needing to pass through screening, however it’s important that families don’t send their kids to camp if they don’t pass the screening test contained in the document. Note: Children or staff who have been identified by their primary care provider as having seasonal allergies or who suffer from chronic runny nose/nasal congestion are not required to be excluded based on these symptoms.

Safety Awareness

An important component of this summer will be ensuring that all program participants are aware of safety precautions to limit contact and limit potential spread of Covid-19. To that end, we would please ask that parents/guardians speak with their children prior to attending the camps about things such as limiting contact with others, covering mouth when coughing/sneezing, washing hands before coming to the rink, and not sharing water bottles with others. All Atlantic Hockey Group staff will all be trained on detailed safety procedures as set out in our operational plan. If participants intentionally do not respect protocols put in place with regards to safety guidelines, there may be consequences including removal from camp without refund. 

Camp Times

Because of the need to provide physical distancing and adhering to limits on the number of students and parents that can be in the facility at a given time, camp times will be staggered.  For example the first group for a camp would be at the rink from 8:30am to noon, then the 2nd group would arrive. This is in step with the plan released by the New Brunswick Department of Education.This will differ from our regular format where camps would run for full days. Detailed schedules will be sent out prior to the camps to all families.

Arrival and Getting Ready (Updated July 6th)

Students will only be allowed to enter the Superior Propane Centre 15 minutes before their scheduled start times. With physical distancing restrictions in place - we would ask that only one adult/guardian per family be responsible for drop-off and pick-up for the duration of the camp. Students should come to the rink dressed in their equipment, with the exception of skates, gloves, and helmet. If you child cannot tie his/her own skates, skateguards are recommended. Parents should not come into the player dressing areas unless absolutely necessary. If necessary to come in to dressing area, parents are required to wear a mask. Group leaders and AHG staff will be on hand to assist with putting on equipment that is needed including helmets, skates, and gloves.

End of Day

Students will be expected to leave the rink 10 minutes after sessions are concluded. At this stage we are working on confirming the logistics of off-ice sessions, however it is likely that students will need to take their gear off in a designated area prior to commencement of off-ice training. When the camp day is finished, we would ask that parents wait in their vehicles outside the facility and do not come into the building. While not mandatory, it is suggested that parents do their best to disinfect and clean equipment at the end of the day.

On-Ice Drills (Overview)

Certainly with the focus on physical distancing and limiting contact most camps will have different on-ice drills and components than in previous years. Our staff is currently reviewing and updating all on-ice plans to ensure we meet safety guidelines in place. An example where things will look different is when it comes to battle and 1 vs 1 drills. Drills like these will need to be changed to meet health guidelines. When on the ice player's will be required to have their own water bottles and each player will have their own separate area that will enable physical distancing from others.

Meal Plans (Updated July 6th)

All students must bring their own water bottles to camp. Unfortunately no meal plans will be offered this year due to safety restrictions.

Parent Viewing (updated June 24th)

For all programs one parent per child will be permitted to come into the facility and watch in designated viewing area. Please note that this is limited to just the parent and no siblings/other family members will be permitted.


With the New Brunswick government requiring operators such as the Atlantic Hockey Group to have an operational plan - one component of that plan consists of "outbreak management". Certainly we hope that this is an unlikely event to occur, however it is important that parents/guardians have their cell phones on while their child is at the camp. That is because if there is a suspected case AHG staff/NB Public Health will be required to contact the family immediately.

Thank You

We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Certainly this year has been unprecedented in the hockey world, and for us in 30 years of business. By working together we hope that we will be able to get our kids back on the ice and improving as players!

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