Maximize your Speed and Control on the Ice

A player’s skating ability must be honed so sharply that their reactions become instinctive and by nature second hand.

Work with one of the top skating coaches in Atlantic Canada




Program Philosophy

SKATING on the EDGE is a skating development program which covers the techniques for maximizing speed on the ice while maintaining control at all times. It encompasses every aspect of skating necessary to develop into a more effective and valuable hockey/ringuette player, pleasure skater or anyone wanting to improve their skating. Unfortunately skating remains the most neglected skill for a hockey or ringuette player due to the fact that players have so much to think about in a game including stick handling, passing, shooting, body checking and more, that they have little time to think about proper skating technique or how to react on skates to unexpected situations or sudden body checks. A player’s skating ability must be honed so sharply that their reactions become instinctive and by nature second hand. Remember, HARD WORK AND PROGRESS ARE INSEPARABLE! The end result of all your efforts will be Skating with BALANCE, AGILITY and MOBILITY.

Program Director

Lloyd Watling

Lloyd Watling, a native of Miramichi, brings years of experience in skating development. Lloyd has been involved with minor hockey as well as becoming a certified CFSA Can Skate Power Skating instructor. He progressed to the establishment of BAM (Balance, Agility, Mobility) Skating on the Edge program.Over the last 28 years BAM has helped develop better skaters from the IP to Major Junior players. An Instructor, rather than a coach, Lloyd prides himself on studying the science of skating and developing simple drills to develop skating skills that can be used at an initiation level as well as using the same drills at a quicker pace for Major Junior players.

2021-2022 Programs

October – March
Tuesday to Thursday Evenings
Novice to Midget
On-ice: 15 hours

The program is designed to improve overall skating speed and controls in the various elements of skating including balance, mobility and agility.
Power skating: Balance, agility, stride, starting and stopping,edges, power turns and crossovers.


$419.00(hst included)

April & May
15 one hour sessions
Mostly Wednesday`s + Sunday’s

The program is designed to improve overall skating speed and control in the various elements of skating including balance, agility and mobility. Spring program will also include specific training for an IP group. NOTE: This is not a learn to skate program

2022 ScheduleRegister

$319.00(hst included)

JKI Centre – April & May
Sessions mostly on Mondays and Fridays (some weekends)
12 hours of on-ice training

The program is designed to improve overall skating speed and control in the various elements of skating including balance, agility and mobility. All sessions are lead by Lloyd Watling in English, he will be seconded by a bilingual instructor.

2022 ScheduleRegister


August and September
15 one hour sessions

The program is designed to improve overall skating speed and control as well as conditioning component to help prepare the students for the upcoming hockey season.



July & August
Peewee AAA & Bantam/Midget Group
16 hours of on-ice training
Sessions take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Elite Skating Program will incorporate the Bronko Belt to help develop leg and core strength. With added leg and core strength, conditioning and skating ability the participants can now concentrate on technical side of the game. Participants playing the game of hockey should never have to think about their skating.

This program is not only an ELITE skating and conditioning camp but also a puck handling and shooting development program. 80% of shots that are taken during practices and games miss the net, our program teaches the player to shoot with purpose, not just the action of shooting a puck. What you do in practice, you will do in a game.



12 hours of on-ice training in September

Schedule will be a combination of weeknights and weekend dates throughout September. All sessions will be held at the JKI Centre. Final schedule will be released shortly.