Refund Policy - Spring Hockey 2021

Below are the details regarding refund policies for the 2021 spring hockey season. If the season is cancelled due to Covid-19, all participants will have the choice of two options to choose from. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. Please note that if programs are cancelled after the season has begun and games have been played, refund amounts will be calculated on a pro-rated basis. Fundraising costs from sponsors attributed to a player will stay in the system as a credit for future programs. Should sponsors wish their money returned, they will be refunded directly.

Option A (AHG Credit) Registered players will receive a 110% value reimbursement. AHG will provide players with 110% of funds paid in system credit. AHG credit can be used for any AHG program registrations in the future.For example: AAA Player pays $899.00 for program registration. 110% Credit = $899.00 + $89.90 = $988.90 (In System Credit)

Option B (Cash Refund) Registered players will receive a 90% Cash Reimbursement of funds paid for registration. There will be an admin deduction of 10%, with a matching 10% credit. Credit can be used for any AHG program registrations in the future. Please note that if a credit/gift card was applied for 2021 spring hockey registration that will be added to the 10%, making a 25% credit/gift card for example. Players will also have option of purchasing their uniforms.